Well, poop…

Today we asked our new landlord when we could get the keys to our new house so we can start moving in. He showed up at our house, unannounced, 7hrs after I texted him. He will not be giving us the keys ever…he’s turning our house into a summer daily rental!  We were supposed to move in this weekend!  I’m a little peeved…


I texted our current landlord about it and he said we are welcome to stay here longer, which is nice but poor Bruno (our German Shepard puppy) is waiting for us to get this new house so he can come live with us!

Senor Bruno

I’m not really mad at our almost landlord, he seemed scared to tell us his news. When he first started talking, I understood his Spanish (yeah!) but I kinda couldn’t believe it, so I called our friend, Pablo to translate for us. Thank you Pablo! The almost landlord will give back the month’s rent we paid him in advance, plus the extra we gave him to hold it until December first. So that’s good, things don’t have to get messy on that end. But we need to find a place soon!

This just proves that place must just not have been right for us. Things happen. We Karlsson’s like to roll with the punches and I know we will find the perfect house for us! I’ve already put out some feelers so let’s all think positive thoughts people!



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