Señor Bruno von Karlsson

Gratuitous puppy post!!!!

This is our 3 month old German Shepard Dog puppy, Bruno. In Spanish, this breed is called Pastor Aleman, which I’m pretty sure translates to ‘the best looking dog ever'(lol!) We’ve only had him for a few days and so far, he’s such a good boy! Minus this incident when we tried to set up a dog run for him in the back yard.



Bruno chewed right through his leash quite quickly!  But can you really be mad at that face??

And well, yeah, he did eat not one, but two baby birds yesterday but hey, that’s his instinct right?

“You can’t get mad, I’m a hunter!”

And, yes, he does occasionally turn into his alternate personality…a crazed, petulant toddler who loves biting EVERYTHING. The interwebs say you should ignore this bad behavior and he will get bored and stop. Yeah right! I’ll just stand here while you nibble my calf to the bone, great idea. We’ve been using the redirect approach, giving him an appropriate toy to chew and it seems to work although I’m pretty sure my legs are his favorite chew toy so far. Haha.

12333747_10156273441310111_1113944895_oBut for the most part, he’s good. He can sit on command and Seb is working on fetch with him. When I was a kid I tried to teach our dog, Emmy, to fetch… It was basically me throwing a stick and she’d grab it and just run off with it. And my parents’ recently departed lab/retriever, Sam, didn’t quite get the concept of fetch either. His idea was “Hey try to take this ball from me!” So I’m leaving the fetching game up to Seb.

We took him in to Minga Animal Clinica Veterinaria on Diego Portales for his 3 month vaccine today and he was a champ! His vet, Gisele, was really great. She spoke some English which helped us a lot. He got his shot and a de-worming thing and it cost under $10USD. I’m not sure how much vaccines/vets cost in the states, but this seemed quite cheap. I went looking for Christmas lights after the appointment and they wanted 14,000CLP (that’s like $20USD!) for one string of crappy twinkle lights! I guess you win some, you lose some haha. Up next is puppy-proof Christmas decorating!



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