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Vamos a Pescar! Fishing in Chiloe.

It’s getting into summer here!! We’ve had some amazing, hot, sunny days in the last week so we got out on the water with our fishing poles!  Our friend, Pablo, arranged a boat to take us on Lago Huillinco, which is about 45 min south of Castro . He has a car, but you can also access this lake by bus, as it is close to El Parque Nacional de Chiloé. From the rural terminal on San Martín (not the terminal Cruz del Sur) take the bus to Cucao. I’m not sure of the price but it shouldn’t be more than 2000CLP (about $2.75 USD).

We arrived and met our guide, Mario, around 5pm. It was blazing hot at our house when we left. So, like an idiot, I assumed it was going to be blazing hot everywhere! Huillinco is close to the ocean and the wind was rockin!

Mario was such a nice guy! And he led us to the fish!

My mother would be disappointed in me…cause I wore a sundress and only packed a long sleeve t-shirt in the event it got cold. So unprepared!! We trolled on the lake with no success and then decided to try river fishing on Rio Notué.

We like to make fishing a bit more interesting, so there was a 5000 peso (about $7USD haha) bet on who caught the first fish, and also who caught the biggest fish. We’re not competitive or anything…..

Pablo quickly won the first fish bet with a little brown trout! They call them
trucha marrón or trucha fario here. Unfortunately, it was too small to eat so we let him go.

Then it was Seb’s turn. He reeled in two nice sized trout! WOOP!! He had a MONSTER on the line that was thrashing about, but it got off….we don’t talk about that haha. I think it will be on his mind for a while. The one that got away…

We stopped for a potty break at Mario’s house, which is right on the river and only accessible by boat. He’s got a pretty sweet setup…a cabana you can rent (Mario’s phone number is +56 9484 6401 if you’d like more info), a big bbq area that looks perfect for a fiesta,

a bunch of chickens (I can’t wait to have chickens!), an orchard and a 25 year old manual apple press for making hard apple cider. We want to go back in the fall and help with the harvest and learn how to make cider!

12576158_10156410962970111_176481965_nIt was so pretty on Rio Notué. Clear water, a ton of really cool birds, and Seb even found freshwater muscles! I didn’t know those existed! We got within 5 feet of a kingfisher. Pablo got some good pics but my phone’s camera totally failed.

A few days after Huillinco, we went out to Lago Natri, another lake south of Castro. This lake is just off Ruta 5, so buses can take you here as well if you don’t have a car. You can take the bus to Quellón from the rural terminal. It’s 1000CLP (about $1.37USD). You can also jump on the bus at a stop on the route…they will have the destination clearly displayed in the front window. Just remember to get off at Lago Natri!

Vladimir was a cool dude. We will definitely be fishing with him again!

This time our fishing guide was named Vladimir and he was SUCH a character! He showed us pictures of the brown trout he caught the day before and they were huge! He trolls using spinning reels but attaches a fly instead of a spoon or a spinner. It was moscas contra cucharas (flies vs spoons). Seb and I had the flies and Pablo was rockin a Rapala lure. Once again, our first fish and biggest fish bets were on. 12540431_10156411094030111_1860240297_n

We trolled for a few hours but I think it must have been too hot that day. All the fishies must have been chilling at the bottom. So we didn’t catch any fish this time, which was weird because we’ve had success every time we’ve gone out (well, Seb did, I’m better at drinking beer and holding the net hahaha).

La Isla Chiloé is so beautiful. I love being out on the lake or in the woods! We were treated to a really nice sunset as we headed back to the dock.

This picture does not do it justice!

Vladimir also has a camping area on his property right on the lake. You can check out his website here. He invited us into the kitchen area for a post-fishing snack and some red wine. His wife, Patty, was warm and welcoming. We will be going back to camp and fish with these kind and generous people soon!

All in all, a pretty good week of fishing. Sebastian is out right now with Pablo and Nicolas. They went back to Huillinco and are hopefully bringing me some fish! Haha.




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