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Aaack! Procrastination!

Hi there. It’s been months. I’ve been procrastinating. I’m sorry!! Haha. Well, the summer is over here in Castro, Chiloe. It was a really nice summer, but dang it went by so quickly! We kept busy with a lot of fishing and some fun cultural fiestas. Bruno is growing so fast!! He’s almost 8 months old! And he’s very smart (but also at times a complete turd)! Unfortunately, I have little documentation of these things because the other day I stepped on my phone, rendering it useless. I can’t unlock my screen so I can’t upload any of my pictures to the computer and it makes me sad.

***EDIT*** For some reason I sent some pictures to Sebastian over FB so I DO have documentation!!! YAYAYAYAH!

So this post might be a little boring without pictures. Oh well…onward! Each year, each town here holds a Fiesta de las Costumbristas…a party celebrating local traditions, crafts, and food. We went to two of them this summer! The first one was in Pid Pid, just a little to the north of Castro. This was a smaller festival focusing mainly on food (fine by me!!). Seb, Maureen, Pablo and I got out of the sun and heat for a little cordero and cold beer. We made friends with some Netherlanders in line and ate lunch with them.

Cordero is a traditional bbq lamb dish served with boiled potatoes and a simple salad.  In addition, they had sack races which my husband joined in and stuck in my phone is a hilarious video of him jumping the gun and hopping halfway down the course before everyone else!

I think he might have been trash talking here haha

It totally sounded like the guy said GO..I guess our Spanish needs work haha. He also got into the spirit of things by attempting to climb a greased pole. This is a traditional game/feat of strength played here. They have this pole about 15ft tall and 6-8 inches in diameter stuck in the ground and covered with grease. And everyone tries to climb it. The person who climbed the highest at this fiesta w12767770_10156563723525111_137236917_non a whole chicken! Sadly, Seb did not win us the chicken but he did a great job trying it!






The next Costumbrista was in Castro and it was HUGE! Such a great atmosphere! Tons of booths for food and drinks and handmade crafts and  art! We immediately dove into some delicious empanadas. I was so tempted to get this drink they had that was a whole cantaloupe filled with wine…wine melon! I should have done it…now I live with regret! hahaha maybe next year.

Huge festival! So much fun!

We took a long leisurely stroll around the grounds and looked at all the cool booths. As a knitter/crocheter/general old lady, I really enjoy seeing the hand spun and naturally dyed yarns and the beautiful pieces the crafters have created. There was also a honey booth with live bees!! I want to become a beekeeper so badly! I was mesmerized!

12804526_10156563723895111_1862951833_n (1)
Ooo Bees!

We got to sample a little of the honey with fresh bee pollen and it was fantastic. I’d love to go see how they do things on a bee farm. Our friends here know a guy and we keep meaning to go visit! (Darn you, procrastination!)

Well, I guess that’s all for today. Hopefully I’ve broken through the grip of laziness/procrastination and will be posting more often! I do have some great pics from Seb’s phone from an ocean fishing trip I’ll put up soon.



3 thoughts on “Aaack! Procrastination!

  1. Sarah, you had me in stitches about Seb and the race!! Ahhhh I miss you guys! And I have been missing your blog, so thank you!! Have a great day! I love you!!


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  2. Was just at your mom’s house aka: my sister , she was trying to burn the forest down but had the water hose so all is well, I smell a little smokie but the two of us had a nice little talk. Our love to you and Seb and yes we miss you also.
    Uncle Roger

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