Travel Post

Ocean Fishing!

This fishing trip was my favorite one in Chile so far. A while back, we headed out to the area of Rahue, which is southwest of Castro. It can be accessed by bus, but I’ve been told the schedule is not that regular. It is a few miles past Cucao and is close to a popular tourist attraction called Muelle de las Almas or Pier of Souls, so it’s pretty easy to find. We haven’t been to the Pier of Souls yet, but it looks like a nice little hike and a cool view at the end.

Anyhow…Pablo drove and Bruno got to come along! Interesting fact….Bruno gets carsick! Lovely!

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. The sun was out, the ocean was a rockin! Seb and Pablo got to fishing and I was on Bruno/picture duties (and beer drinking duty…someone has to do it!!!!).

While the boys fished, Bruno and I walked up and down the rocky beach, admiring everything. I loved the sound the rocks made as the waves went out.

About a half hour walk from where we were the ocean acts as God’s rock tumbler and creates these perfectly round, smooth rocks. We ran out of time on this trip but I can’t wait to go there next time!

It wasn’t long until Seb had something on the end of his line!

It was all very exciting!! I love Seb’s laugh in the background! We made like 5 meals out of this one fish…delicious! We had an awesome time here and cannot12834488_10153848629121760_706698761_n wait to return soon. The weather has turned to well, to put it bluntly, it’s turned to crap…pouring rain every day, all day. So we might have to wait a few months but the wait will be worth it!




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