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Isla de Chiloe: Update

Hola amigos…finally some good things have happened! Apparently a deal was struck between the government and the fishermen! Yay! Castro is no longer blocked off from other cities on the island! Yay! However, the ferries in Ancud and Quellon are still not in service. I’m not sure why. So we are still in limbo on our visa renewals. Sad face.

Another good thing is the vegetables are returning now that the roads are not barricaded! It was so nice seeing the rural vendors selling tomatoes, cilantro, corn on the cob, and avocados on the sidewalks today. I don’t normally go gaga over vegetables, but since they were not available, I really missed them!

When the protest/strike started the stores quickly ran out of bread too. So the Karlssons decided to make their own! I found this recipe on Pinterest (don’t judge, I’m addicted to Pinterest) where you don’t knead the dough at all. It is so easy–you let it raise overnight and bake it the next day–and it turns out amazingly. I’ve made it a few times and I had to double the recipe cause the single batch loaf was eaten in about 20 min lol. Making another double batch tonight to bake tomorrow! Who wants to come over for a grilled cheese? Haha.

Apple Turnovers! Check out the layers!!

Last week I ventured into the world of puff pastry! I’ve got some time on my hands, and it’s a good thing, cause it took like 4 hours to make this from scratch. (Check out the full recipe here) It’s basically equal parts butter and flour and 100% decadent, flaky goodness! We made Beef Pot Pie and Apple Turnovers with it. SOOOO GOOOD!!! I want more of those turnovers right meow!! They turned out so well, and the really cool part is we used apples picked from our friends’ neighborhood. Free apples + homemade puff pastry = crazy delicious and I felt like a pioneer haha.

This pioneer also made a hat last week! The yarn here in Chile is BEAUTIFUL! I found this gorgeous purpley/pink and thought it would make a great winter hat.  I made it for our good friend Jewelz, although I almost kept it for myself! Haha 🙂 I followed a new pattern and although you can’t really see from this picture, there is a really cool texture to it.

Love it!

So all in all, our spirits are high around here. The visa situation will work itself out one way or another, so I’m trying not to worry about it. This conflict can’t go on forever!



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